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Company information:

The MaHill Construction-Investment Consulting Co. Ltd. was founded in 1989.
The company is one of the founders of the Hungarian branch organisation of the FIDIC (Fédération Internationale des Ingénieurs-Conseils), the TMSZ (Hungarian/Association of Consulting Engineers).

Managing Director: dipl. ing. László MAGYAR,
member of the board of directors of the TMSZ FIDIC


Housing and district rehabilitation, preparation and organisation of regional development projects. Collaboration with local authorities and owners (organisations).
District renovation- organisation and management of rehabilitation programmes. Preparation of concepts and models, strategic planing, company foundation. Full scale performance of technical and economic-financial activity in construction, from concept to turnkey stage.

Construction-investment, preparation of real- estate development
Tender management, consultation for real-estate development and regional development, conception design, feasibility studies.

Restoration of historical buildings
Project management, utilisation programmes, investment coordination, financing, development of legal aspects of ownership and ownership criteria.

Hotel, office building projects:
Technical-economical preparation, organisation and management of investment. Elaboration of Investor's calculation, technical-economical evaluation. Technical supervision on behalf of loaning financial institute.


Rehabilitation-co-operation with local authorities
- South Budapest urban centre, rehabilitation programme, 1994-97
- Budapest, józsefváros, rehabilitation programme, 1995-96
- Policy and method proposal for the Budapest Municipality and
   districtmunicipalities, 1992-94
- Tender management, preparation of real estate investment programme
   for 12 sites of Budapest VIIIth district municipality, 1989-93
- Rehabilitation concept and programme for Kőbánya, Ligettelek,
   feasibility study and business plan 1998-99
- Management of rehabilitation development, Kőbánya 1999-
   Debrecen, rehabilitation of Révész square area.
- Rehabilitation and development studies of real estate,
   agenda of realisation, 1997-99

Preparation and management of construction investments
- Hotel Thermal ZPZ, project management and technical supervision,
  Sárvár, 1997
- Grassalkovich Mansion, auxiliary establishments, project management,
  Gödöllő, 1994-96
- Office building TRÖNDLE HUNGARIA, 1994-95 - ETAP Hotel, Törökbállint, 1992
- PALACE Hotel, restoration, enlargement, investment concept and programme,
   1988-89 (Clients: ZPZ, MKB Rt., TRÖNDLE GmbH, HOTEC France,
   Pannonia Hotels, Pic.)

Mansion investment - historical building restoration
- Restoration of Vigyázó- Podmaniczky Mansion, utilisation programme,
   planning and protection, 995-96
- Grassalkovich Mansion, elaboration and management of investment
   programme, Gödöllő, 1993-96

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